Fitness is a LIFESTYLE

 I WANT to help you lose weight. I can show you how you can lose weight fast but more importantly lose weight PERMANENTLY.
In order to lose weight PERMANENTLY you must make small changes.
I am not asking you to commit to daily rigorous workouts, or restricted diets. By simply changing a few of the bad habits that people have can make a HUGE difference and by that I mean weight loss!
Did you know that for every 3500 calories that you eat you gain 1 pound! If you eat fast food once a day you are more than likely gaining more weight each and every day. So what should you do in order to lose weight  and KEEP it off?…I am going to tell you now…
The SECRET lies in your daily habits… It takes only 21 days to make a new habit. So for 21 days do something different. Do it CONSISTENTLY for 21 days. I changed my entire lifestyle by committing to 21 days of exercise at 4am. You do not have to wake up that early but the point is to do something everyday for 21 days. That was my short term goal. If I can do it then you can too!

When you park your car park as far away from your destination as possible. Not only will this prevent idiots from scraping your car when they open their doors but it will help you burn some extra calories that may seem minute now but in the long run can add up to a few pounds!

Consider having a soda or chips a weekend indulgement not a daily routine. Soda, chips, juice and other junk foods set you up for failure by making you CRAVE more sugar and salt! They also contain tons of calories and let’s face it most of us cannot only have one!

Eat smaller portions by using a smaller plate. Studies show that using a smaller plate will give you the illusion that you have more food and as a result will get fuller faster.

DONT drink alcohol! Alcohol contains way more calories then you think! Especially those sweet drinks us women like to order (long island ice tea, sex on the beach, cosmopolitan, green apple martini, and wine)If you do drink take a shot of vodka! If you must mix it, use tonic or sugar free redbull.

Lemons are your best friend! Drink water everyday with lemon in it cleans out your system and makes you use the bathroom which helps you lose weight. You can also put it in your salad. I use atleast 1 lemon per day! One delicious reciple I found to be delicious is water with cucumber and lemon in it. It taste delicious make sure you serve it chilled.

DRINK BLACK COFFEE in the morning! (without cream or sugar) Coffee is similiar to a laxative, it cleans out your system and gives you a little energy. Recent studies suggest that it can also prevent heart disease!

I would love to share all of my secrets but first I want to get more feedback from the online community so share your ideas or suggestions on what I should write about or VLOG about and I will accomodate your needs!